Setting Up a Study Schedule

As your child is moving through school, especially in the middle school years, it is important to help him or her set up and stick with a study schedule. In middle school the homework load will begin to increase, so working with your child at this time is crucial. If you help them through these years, by high school it should be easier for your child to understand how to go about it on their own. The Learning Firm would like to offer a few simple tips for you to help your child set up and keep a study schedule.

Start with the school calendar provided by your district. Know when the six-weeks is over, when standardized tests are scheduled, as well as holiday breaks. Mark those days off on the calendar.

On average your child will need one to two hours of study/homework time each evening in middle school. Speak with your child about the importance of having that time set aside and figure out when it is best to do that. Generally, just after school is a great place to start, however if your child has an extracurricular activity at that time, or you are not home to supervise, perhaps you may decide that another time is better for your family. Whatever you decide, make sure that it goes on the calendar and that you stick with it as much as possible.

Regularly set aside a meeting time with your child in this study schedule to check on his or her workload. Make sure that it is manageable and that your child does not feel overloaded. If they do, help figure out a way to change that. You may also take this time to see how your child is working with his or her teachers and if needed, check out our suggestions on dealing with a difficult teacher.

During one of these meetings with your child you may find that he or she is having difficulty in a particular subject. If that is the case, remember that The Learning Firm has a professional tutoring staff ready to assist. Contact us at 905-849-0123 to see how we can best help your child reach his or her academic potential.