About Us

Our Philosopy

post-img“Our goal is to offer tutoring services using a wide variety of methods to cater to a diverse student body. To complement the career-oriented philosophy, a learning environment is created that reflects the workplace setting, which includes group seminars and individual sessions. The teachers and tutors at The Learning Firm hold multiple degrees in their area of expertise and are equipped with numerous years of industry experience. Our students are provided with the opportunity to pursue their educational goals, set in collaboration with the faculty.”

- Owner, The Learning Firm

Core Objectives

• To promote creative and analytical thinking.
• To encourage a positive interaction between students and modern technology.
• To nourish respect for oneself and others.
• To create an atmosphere of friendship, sharing, and commitment.
• To instill a sense of fulfillment that comes from achieving one’s best.
• To provide a strong educational foundation that will serve a lifetime and give the students the advantage in their quest for a better future in the global community.

The Value of Education

Education is ultimately the vehicle that drives societies and communities to prosper and succeed. We live in a knowledge-based society, where the continuous collection and understanding of information becomes essential in order to succeed in this ever-changing global economy.

One has to constantly update his or her skills and abilities of interpreting and understanding information. Secondary and post-secondary education allows an individual to obtain the fundamental skills and abilities necessary to understand complex information. It provides them with the analytical skills necessary to pursue a wide range of career objectives.

At The Learning Firm, our approach to learning is one that emphasizes the individual. Our aim is to ensure that each student has strong understanding of the fundamental concepts. Our teachers and tutors understand the importance of not leaving a single student behind in his or her academic studies. We do our utmost to ensure that students succeed in school.